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12 films written & directed by Peter Bostoen (with the help of a lot of good people)

Oxfam Belgium 50 years, Naomi "Geef het beste van jezelf" FR st (Silver Cannes Corporate + Silver WorldMediaFestival Hamburg)

Oxfam Belgium celebrates it's 50th birthday by thanking all their volunteers, supporters and donors for their invaluable contributions. This is part of a series of 8 testimonials (4 dutch, 4 french), a compilation movie and 2 Tv-commercials.

Client: Oxfam Belgium - Wouter Fransen
Production company: Bozo film
Producer: Marc Van Eycken
Agency: BBDO
Line Producer: Julie Rasson
Camera: Wim Lecompte
Sound: Vital Tilborghs
Make up: Dorien Vanpoucke
Editing & graphics: Karel Vangrimde
Image & sound postproduction: Exit 399
Script: Peter Bostoen, Oxfam Solidarity
Director & interviewer: Peter Bostoen

Shot on Sony F5 with prime lenses