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12 films written & directed by Peter Bostoen (with the help of a lot of good people)

Niledutch country movie Angola

Niledutch, a Dutch shipping company is specialised in the West Africa trade. A big part of the turnover is generated by Angola, a recently pacified country that is rapidly re-developing. This country film is part of an extensive series of country movies (be it countries of origin or destination).
A huge project that was overseen by director Renaat Coppens. I directed this movie so it would fit into the overall visual and structural concept, worked out by Renaat.

Client: Niledutch
Production company: MotionMakers
Producer: Filip Porrez
Agency: Blind - Bart Henau
Cameraman: Karel Dierickx
Soundman: Gregory Vancraesbeek
Editor: Staf Lemmens
Sound Editor: Erik Puttaert
Color grading: Frank Temmerman
Script: Peter Bostoen, Niledutch, Renaat Coppens
Director: Peter Bostoen

Shot on Sony C3 with Zeiss primes