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12 films written & directed by Peter Bostoen (with the help of a lot of good people)

The new Résidence Palace in Brussels

Architectural overview of the new Résidence Palace, built for the European Council.
A project film for Jan De Nul Group.

Production: NEP Belgium
Client: Jan De Nul Group - Dieter Driesen
Line producer NEP: Gijs Albregts
Camera: Benjamin Van Koolwijk - NEP
Exterior Wescam images: Robberechts & Co
Interior drone footage: Friend Productions - Koen Vrints/Sebastian Roemendael
Editing: Stijn Hoebeke
Graphics: Jan De Nul Group
Music: Annemie Hendrickx - Music & images
Script: Jan De Nul Group, Peter Bostoen
Director: Peter Bostoen

Shot on Sony F5