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12 films written & directed by Peter Bostoen (with the help of a lot of good people)

"Special Summer Foot" Proximus

A clip to promote the start of the new football season on the Belgacom TV channel. This was a collaborative effort of the whole Belgacom team, only 3 or 4 outside people were added to the group.
Idea, script, casting, stylism, set decoration, sound, general assistance, fine catering etc were provided by Belgacom team members. Three films were shot in a secluded spot during one weekend.

Production company: Skynet Imotion Activities
Producer: Chris Proesmans
Line producer: Olivier Leroy
Cameraman: Geert Verstraete
Production design: Willem Klewais
Make up: Nunzia Incoronato
Actor: David Leclercq
Editor: Jean Sébastien aka JS
Sound: Cédric Verstraelen
Director: Peter Bostoen
(Together with a team of 15 great Proximus people)

Shot on Sony F5 with Zeiss primes