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12 films written & directed by Peter Bostoen (with the help of a lot of good people)

Atypical ANTWERP

Antwerp is a restless, singular city with a population that likes to go against the grain. The city is not widely known, but visitors often go away impressed. This film lifts a tip of the veil...

Client: City of Antwerp
Production company: New Impact
Producer: Jean Paul Snoeckx
Line Producer: Sandy Van de Wiele
Camera: Jeroen Vermeylen
Additional camera: Toon Illegems, Niel Vanden Eede, Witse Wyckmans, Wietse Nys
Time lapses: Frans Vermost
Drone shots: Coptermotion - Wim Forceville
Editing & graphics: Kevin Cools
Script: Peter Bostoen
Additional copywriting: Mark Herring
Director: Peter Bostoen

Shot on various camera systems